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Chilli Flakes (Crushed)

Rockedge Chilli Flakes (Crushed) - Premium Blend A* Grade Free UK P&P


Country of Origin – UK Blend

Rockedge Chilli Flakes (Crushed) comes in 100g and 200g pack sizes.


Product Description

Red chilli flakes are made from dried and crushed red chilli peppers. It's a popular staple on the table at Mediterranean kitchens, and it can be used to add spice to a wide range of dishes, from curries to casseroles, pizza, and pasta and creates a delicious, robust taste not found in fresh chillies. Chilli flakes are also high in Vitamin A.


Most of us are familiar with dried, flaked chillies these days, and they are an important part of every pantry. This is such a flexible spice that can be used if a fruity, fresh flavour with a nice chilli kick is desired. Dried red peppers are rich in antioxidants that promote good health by fighting oxidative stress in the body and suppressing inflammation that can lead to pain and disease.


Use in quantity specified by the recipe being used for your meal preparation.


Health benefits:

Anti-inflammatory. Helps with pain relief such as heartburn and osteoarthritis pain.


Suitable for Vegetarians




Rockedge spices are packed in food grade metallised stand-up display pouches which enhance product freshness with the product fully visible from the front.


Our spices are packed in pouches that are certified to Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS) - formerly known as the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Thus, conferring assurance to you that the spice contents are kept fresh with long lasting organoleptic or sensory appeal to our customers.




Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Please ensure seal is closed when not in use for freshness.


Allergy Advice: May contain traces of nuts (including peanuts), mustard, celery and sesame seeds.

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