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Hang On, It's Not Over Yet

Life presents a great proportion of people the world over with very little chance of success. Myriad of factors such as lack of parental support, poverty, poor education or lack of one, peer pressure, low self esteem, ill health or sickness just to mention a few can work against many from achieving their desired goals in life. This book sets out to explain in clear details, using the author's experiences, historical information and contemporary examples of people who despite facing odds against their destinies or life goals from being realised were able through persistence, discipline, determination and faith in God to hang on to their dreams until they were fulfilled. The author enjoins you to 'Hang On'. Never give up your dreams. Take advantage of the experiences in this book and have your perspective and response to life's challenges changed forever with a winner mentality firmly grafted in.

Book - Hang On, Its Not Over Yet

SKU: 364215376135191
  • ISBN 1907294414 or ISBN 978-1907294419

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